About Us

Team surgeon at work in operating room

Vector Health is an Intraoperative Neuromonitoring service based in Dallas. We provide our IONM support across the United States. Our uncompromising commitment to high quality allows us to provide the finest and the most reliable (IONM) service and assistance.

With this approach, we help physicians and surgeons perform the right procedure at the right time, and reduce the risk of neurophysiological injuries for each individual patient during surgery.

Armed with advanced IONM equipment, our physicians, technologists, and technicians are devoted to ensuring safety for the patient and convenience for the physician. Our neuromonitoring support is available 24x7x365 at reasonable service charges.

Our Mission

Vector Health has a single-minded mission to enable a safer operating environment by providing real-time IONM services using state-of-the art equipment, trained and certified technicians (CNIM) and Board Certified reading physicians.

We achieve our mission by

Improving Patient Safety during Procedures

Decreasing Liability for Operating Physicians

Reducing Long-Term Healthcare Costs